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Mosquito Control - Crystal Clear
Mosquito Control - Crystal Clear

In addition to my structural pest control services, I also offer a special mosquito barrier spraying program. This program is perfect for outdoor activities like weddings, parties or just general usage of your outdoor yard or patio.
My mosquito control solution is applied with a backpack mist sprayer and also a backpack Ultra Low Volume (ULV) sprayer. The mist blower treats large vegetation like underneath trees and bushes while the ULV sprayer uses high volumes of air at low pressure to produce tiny aerosol droplets of a precise size to treat the flying mosquito.


My mosquito control solution generally lasts from 3 weeks to one month depending on the specifics of your property. The spray will kill mosquitoes on contact and create a barrier around your property. I can schedule a regular spraying treatment interval for mosquitoes or a one-time application for a special event. 

Please schedule at least one week in advance for a one-time special event application.  I will apply a mosquito barrier spray approximately 24-48 hours prior to your event.

  Please be aware that all mosquito barrier applications must be done when the mosquito's are most active and this is usually in the early morning or when the sun is setting.  Application will need to be done early in the morning or early in the evening to be effective. 



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