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pure water system
What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?
Quite simply, it’s the best, cleanest, safest and most spot free way of cleaning the exterior of your windows. As one of the first Pure Water window cleaners in the area, I can tell you that nothing comes close to the aggressive cleaning power of Pure Water. Pure Water is produced using a 5-stage filtration system. This 5-stage system is mounted on a portable cart that I connect to you water source. The tap water is then filtered through a deionized filter, reverse osmosis filter, carbon filter and finally a sediment filter. The filtering process produces 99.9% Pure Water. This Pure Water is then pumped to a water fed telescoping pole that contains a brush and water jets. Your window frames and sills are cleaned first by agitating with the brush and then rinsing with Pure Water. After this, I scrub the window glass with brush and water and then give it a rinse with Pure Water resulting in a spot free Crystal Clear Perfect window.

If Pure Water is the best, why aren’t more window cleaners using it?
My best guess is because of the initial start up costs for a Pure Water system. Just the 5-stage cart alone can run $5,500. You also need several telescoping poles of various lengths. The telescoping poles, mainly carbon fiber, can run you another $2,000 to $2,500. As you can see, it’s an expensive venture but the cleaning power, spot free results and satisfied customers are well worth the costs.

Is it more expensive to have my windows cleaned using Pure Water?
No, because I don’t have to utilize ladders or a high lift to access the exterior of your windows. This results in decreased labor and equipment rental costs as well as safer cleaning operations because I’m not raising and lowering ladders and lifts on your property.

pest control width=
What are the prices for your services?
Prices vary from the size of the structure, area being treated and insect problem. Please contact me directly for a free estimate.

Are you a certified and licensed pest control company?
Yes, I am certified and licensed by the State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection in the following categories:

Structural Pest 7.1
Turf & Landscape 3.0
Aquatic & Mosquito 5.0

Do you require a contract for your services?
No, I do not require a service contract for my pest control service. I offer as-needed services as well as monthly and quarterly services. I can tailor a plan to fit just about any need. Generally, twice per year (Spring/Fall) depending on the pest is sufficient.

Are your materials safe?
All products used are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and copies of the pesticide being applied are provided upon request.

What type of pest control services do you provide?
Exterior structural pest control, mosquito control. Most common types of pests I treat for are, spiders, ants, flies, mosquitoes, Asian ladybeetles, boxelder bugs, bees just to name a few. I also have certification to treat insects and weeds in your lawn or near your structure.

What kind of guarantee to you provide?
Guarantees will vary on the type of pest being treated, how established the pest population has become and the frequency of treatment. A more regular inspection and treatment rotation will yield a higher guarantee than a lower frequency. Typically, I will return free of charge to address new or recurring issues or if you are not satisfied.

What precautions should be taken with children and pets?
Children and pets should be kept inside during application and until the pesticide has had time to fully dry. Drying time can very from 10-25 minutes depending on weather conditions and temperatures.

How long does the treatment last?
This will vary from the type of pest and area being treated but generally the residual protection should last about 60-90 days for most pesticides with the exception of mosquito treatments. Mosquito treatments usually last about 30 days depending on the weather and your environment.

how we work
Will you just clean the outside of my windows?
Absolutely, some customers prefer to clean the insides themselves for various reasons. I prefer to clean both the inside and outside of your windows so that I can visually inspect the quality of cleaning on the exterior of your windows while cleaning your interior windows. That way, if something is missed or needs to be touched up, I can address this while I am still at your home instead of making a return trip.

Believe it or not, windows do get pretty dirty on the inside too. Fumes and smoke from general cooking along with general dust in your home can adhere to you interior windows and cause the glass to build up with a haze. Cleaning the interior of your glass with common cleaning supplies like paper towels and household glass cleaners will mainly push the dirt and grime around the glass surface. You will remove some of the grime but you will most likely end up with streaks. Crystal Clear Window Cleaning will remove contaminates from the glass without leaving streaks resulting in a “crystal clear perfect” cleaned window.

What if rain is predicted for the day of my cleaning or it starts to rain as you
are cleaning my windows?
In most cases, I will still complete the scheduled cleaning. I may start cleaning the inside windows first depending on the conditions and to try and stay on schedule. If it storms or it’s a very heavy rain, I may have to reschedule the cleaning of your windows. I will generally reschedule the cleaning for the next available day on my schedule.

On the subject of cleaning in the rain, it’s not the rain falling from the sky that makes your windows dirty but all the contaminants in the air like air borne pollen, dust and dirt from lawn mowing, exhaust and other sources. These contaminants settle on your windows and after the rain dries, the dirt remains on the glass. This dirt on the window is now more obvious because it’s been spread over the entire surface of the glass. Clean windows will remain clean after the rain because once the contaminants are removed from the glass, there is nothing behind to obstruct your view. Rain does many things but it does not make a clean window dirty. It may make a dirty window look dirtier but only if there is dirt already on the window. Actually, rain usually will help windows stay cleaner longer. Rain will rinse dust, dirt and pollen off of exterior surfaces. Regular rain keeps levels of particulate matter lower and if your windows are clean, it helps keep dirt and pollen from accumulating on the glass and surrounding areas. If there is no dirt on the window, there is nothing to create a spot when it rains. As a disclaimer, dry weather and seasonal pollen will cause dust and dirt to accumulate on windows and surfaces. Also, construction, landscaping, mulching or mowing in dry weather will generate large amounts of dust and dirt. In general, clean windows + regular rain showers = cleaner windows. Take a look at any windows you have that are protected by eaves or a porch and you will see that they are generally dirtier than windows that are exposed to rain. This leads to another misconception that windows can’t be adequately cleaned if it is raining or they are wet. Please understand that if it should rain before, during, or after a cleaning, the windows will still shine when the sun comes back out.

One last important fact to remember is that rainwater doesn’t’ contain any of the contaminants like that of ground water. Ground water contains minerals, chemicals and particulates usually not found in rainwater. My Pure Water system will filter your ground water down to 0 parts per million (PPM). I generally clean between 0 to 12 PPM to produce spot free windows. I have tested rainwater several times with a total dissolved solids meter (TDS) and rainwater is usually around the 8-12ppm level. This is well within the level of water that I am producing from the Pure Water machine. As you can see, the rainwater is not what makes your windows dirty but the contaminants in and around the outside of your home.

maintenance advice
How often should I clean my windows?
I recommend having the interior and exterior of your windows cleaned at least twice per year. Most of my customers choose spring and fall as the time of year to have their windows cleaned. Cleaning only once per year can allow such contaminants as hard water deposits from lawn sprinklers, bug debris, bird droppings and tree sap to accumulate and be more difficult to remove over time. This results in increased time and materials to clean your glass and can add to the total cost.

Spring and fall are generally the busiest times of the year for me for window cleaning. Please plan ahead during this time as my appointment book fills up quickly. If you have a special event and need your windows cleaned, please schedule 3 to 4 weeks in advance so that I may accommodate your needs.

Fall season window cleaning can be a little more problematic as the weather here in the Midwest is not getting better but more extreme with the falling temperatures and the possibility of snow. Please remember that I need at least 40 degree temperatures to operate my Pure Water window cleaning system. Window cleaning in November and December is dependent on the weather temperatures so please plan ahead.

Should I remove my window screens after my windows are cleaned?
Well, we live in the Midwest so we have to keep those pesky flies and mosquitos out of our house so screens are a necessity if we want to open our windows. What I suggest is to only place screens on the windows you normally open on a regular basis. If you don’t open every single window in your home, then you really don’t need every screen on your window. In winter, I suggest removing all screens from windows because they obviously won’t be needed with the colder temperatures. Most window screen material is constructed of a fiberglass or polymer and attracts dust and dirt like a magnet. The dust and dirt on your screens then deposits itself on your windows making your glass dirty. The suns rays over time will also dry out the screen material on exterior screens and make them brittle resulting in the screens having to be replaced. Screens made of metal and left on the exterior windows for long periods can also damage your glass. Metal screens especially on windows facing the sun can cause a condition known as screen burn if left on the window for prolonged periods of time. This film left by the oxidized metal on your glass can be time consuming and difficult to clean if left too long on the glass. Often times, an acid based product and steel wool are needed to remove this film. This will result in increased cost to clean the damaged windows and in some cases could result in the glass needing replacement if too severe. By reducing the number of screens on your windows and removing them in the winter, you reduce the amount of debris on your windows and save on the life of your screens and reduce the potential of increased costs to clean your windows.

The main reason I limit window screen usage on my own home is because the screen obstructs my view. I prefer not having to look through a screen after my windows have been cleaned. You really can’t appreciate how crystal clear perfect your windows are unless the screen is removed.

Why do my windows look cloudy even after they are cleaned?

The seals on insulated glass windows occasionally fail, allowing moist air between the glass panes, where it condenses. There is an article in "The Family Handyman" magazine/website that details why it happens and what you can do to guard against it. Please access the article by clicking here.
"By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine"

Can you give me an estimate to clean my windows over the phone?
The most direct answer is no. It’s very difficult to accurately estimate the cost of cleaning your windows at your home or business without first coming out to look at it in person. There are many variables that enter into your estimate so it’s best to see it in person. If you are not home, I can generally provide a written estimate just by walking around the exterior of your home or business. A written estimate will be left at your door or emailed to you.

The Pure Water window cleaning system in use.


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